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Thanksgiving can be a difficult holiday. The days are short on sunlight, the weather is damp and cold and the trees are bare. It is a time to be with family.  Hopefully this is an enjoyable experience!  (Jonny Carson once… >> learn more.

It is worth bringing up sweets again. After all, we are now less than two weeks away from Halloween and it also is part of the Jewish tradition at this time of year to consume apples and honey, a gastronomic… >> learn more.

Last month, in A Brief Insight Into Diabetes Part I , I discussed the basic tenets of Type II diabetes, the form of the illness that is increasing in epidemic proportions. I focused primarily on lifestyle changes. This month, I am going to focus more on testing… >> learn more.

Diabetes in increasing at epidemic levels in the United States. Over the next 24 hours, 3836 people will be diagnosed with diabetes, 830 people will die due to either diabetes or a diabetes related cause, 2876 diabetics will suffer from… >> learn more.

There is much ambiguity about the differences (and similarities) between food allergies and food intolerances. There are many ways that food can affect someone adversely, with the reactions that occur anywhere between a few minutes to a few days after consumption. Those… >> learn more.

Methylation is one of the hottest topics in alternative medicine circles. If you decide to delve into this topic, you’ll quickly find yourself in a sea of complexity. Despite the intricacies, it is worth knowing something about this process, as… >> learn more.

There are many reasons that any given person with depression might be depressed. Like all illness, depression can have many contributing causes, including past traumas and grief, chronic illness, an inability to perceive where one is “stuck” in life, toxic… >> learn more.

According to the National Institute of Health, insomnia is a disorder that affects nearly 60 million Americans.  Almost everyone experiences insomnia at one point or another, but often the condition becomes a chronic problem.  Some people have trouble falling asleep… >> learn more.

Quality.  This is the most important but most difficult attribute to ascertain.  In a profit driven society where industry can more or less monitor itself, there is much room for inferior product.  Last year the New York State attorney general… >> learn more.

As I write this, the sun is shining and the temperature reads 70 degrees.  Although I am inside, I probably should be outside in short sleeves getting my daily dose of vitamin D.  Vitamin D has been the subject of… >> learn more.